Your New Lifestyle Career Awaits!

Getting hired as a flight attendant is challenging, and with the current climate, fewer flight attendant positions are available. So now is the time to prepare yourself to become the best flight attendant candidate you can be.

With the Future Flight Attendant Course & Coaching Program, you can learn countless years of information in just a few short weeks with professional support.

How would you feel waking up in the morning, heading to the airport to jet off to some exotic location, not for free, but being paid?!?  

With the FFA Course & Coaching Program, you will learn the exact steps to become a flight attendant online from home. 

Program Breakdown:

Flight Attendant Resume Service 
  • A compelling resume that highlights your qualifications and experience as an outstanding candidate for the role of a flight attendant, incorporating relevant keywords and industry-specific terminology.
  • $349 Value
Private 1:1 Career Counseling 
  • You will receive a private one-hour career counseling session to answer all your questions and create your personalized path to the flight attendant career.
  • Expert insights into airline cultures, benefits, and lifestyles help to navigate various choices and crucial career decisions.
  • $555 Value
An Online Course
  • Coaching Call Prep: A valuable resource that provides practice material for coaching calls to maximize your time. It also includes helpful PDFs and spreadsheets to keep you organized. 
  • Professional Guidance: An online course crafted for individuals who aspire to become service professionals in the aviation industry.
  • Staggered Content: A new module is thoughtfully released for six weeks, providing a structured pace that parallels the rhythm of learning and personal growth. 
  • A Comprehensive Guide: This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the journey from application to interview process to initial training and beyond.
  • $1000 Value
1:1 Private Interview Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized coaching sessions via Zoom expertly tailored to your career trajectory, following each module. 
  • Recorded for your eyes only after the coaching session, you receive a recording so that you can review the call at your leisure.
  • Direct practice where you fine-tune your responses and storytelling techniques.
  • Leveraging your unique work experience is critical to standing out as the ideal candidate for the flight attendant position in your unique way.
  • A $2569 Value
Ongoing Monthly Coaching 
  • Q&A's: Engage in powerful Q&A sessions in a supportive community.
  • A Supportive Community: Bond over shared dreams and support each other in a space where guidance meets growth
  • Confidence Building: Excel in a group environment and build confidence for video and face-to-face interviews.
  • Monthly Topics: From customer service excellence to training tips and the most challenging interview questions, our diverse topics ensure comprehensive exposure.
  • Interactive Interview Practice: Learn from your coach and peers comfortably and casually.
  • A $600 Annual Value
Exclusive Weekly Emails 
  • Motivational Gems: Start your week with inspiration and positivity as we fuel your determination to pursue your dream career. 
  • Masterful Interview Tips: Learn strategies for answering various interview questions and infusing your responses with authenticity, making your answers stand out.
  • Industry Insights: Stay abreast of the latest happenings in the aviation industry to ensure you're a well-informed and well-versed candidate.
  • A $300 Annual Value
Lifetime Access 
  • You'll have access to the Program as long as the Program exists.
  • Value - Priceless

With over $5000 worth of value, the Future Flight Attendant Online Course & Coaching Program is available to you for the incredible price of $2222!

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